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Social Media Marketing

Social networks have hundreds of millions of users, of which about 10-11 million come from Romania. That is why we provide you with light and effective means to help you take the first steps towards the major media social networks. Whether we are talking about Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

With ASK Media IT you have the best advice in Social Media Marketing. We handle all aspects of your business development so that your products and services are as close to the end user as possible. With intelligent strategies, well-optimized creatives, and current content creation, we offer you the competitive edge to propel your business online.

Our company meets your needs with a full suite of personalized site and domain services that you own for each social network. As the popularity of these social networks among users grows over the day, they have become ideal platforms for promoting business of all kinds. With a few tens of millions of aggregated accounts in Romania and with the ability to precisely target the type of users and peculiarities of each interest group for your business, these social platforms can prove to be the perfect framework for promoting your products and services.

  • How relevant is promoting Social Media for my business?
  • The most important part of Social Media Marketing campaigns is not the number of likes or shares, but conversions. In this way, our efforts will be directed towards generating conversion and sales, brand development and higher profit margins. In this way, we ensure that the budget for a campaign is used in a useful way and is beneficial to the business you own.