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Google Adwords

More sales, more traffic, more customers, more visibility, more profit. With Google AdWords, there is one type of campaign, a set of rules, an opportunity to reach each of the goals I've listed above in a very short time.

While SEO optimization brings long-term benefits to your business and requires considerable effort, for quick results and with considerable impact, Google AdWords campaigns can be the best solution for increasing visibility or sales almost instantly. Coming to the needs of our customers, our team offers such services for any type of business.

While at first impression any amount invested in Google AdWords should generate profit, often through misplaced implementations and poorly optimized campaigns, AdWords is more likely to be an expense for companies than an investment. To avoid such cases, at ASK Media IT, our AdWords specialists have Google certifications and extensive experience in the field, making them the most suitable for meaningful AdWords investments, but also for returning investment efficiently and intelligently.

  • What is the price of a Google AdWords campaign?
  • There is no fixed price for a Google AdWords campaign. Prices vary according to how many customers we want to attract, the budget for this type of promotion, and how competitive the keywords we want to appear in the first Google results. What we can guarantee is that the price or total cost / conversion will be minimized, as the quality of Google AdWords ads is always improved. Thus, we get the best costs / conversions due to the tools we use and the expertise of our specialists.

  • How do I check the results of my AdWords campaigns?
  • Along with a plan of actions taken by our specialists, you'll also receive carefully crafted reports from which you can extract: cost / conversion, cost / click, total spending on Google AdWords efforts, profits generated by the implementation of these campaigns, etc. Each action is carefully monitored by our specialists using smart tools and platforms, so you can easily evaluate the efforts and results generated by Google AdWords actions.